What is wordpress? Why Should Use WordPress

What is WordPress? Why Should Use WordPress – We need a language to talk to each other so that we can understand our point of view. In the same way, we need a language to create a website to explain web browser And that language we call the web language. Web language is of two types –

  1. Clint side language
  2. Server-side language

1. Clint side language – The content of the website that we see in the browser is called Client side language. Client-side language is used to explain the browser and is meant to be visible to the visitor. Client-side language shows the interaction between browser and visitor. The client-side language comes with HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc.

2. Server-side language – Server side language is used to explain the server. Server-side language shows the interaction between browser and visitor. The server-side language comes with PHP, MYSQL, .NET, Python, etc.

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What is WordPress?

We need client-side language and server-side language both to create any website. And you have to do coding to create a site. But WordPress is the hub of client-side language and server-side language.

With the help of WordPress, you can create any kind of website and also with without technical knowledge and coding. WordPress provides all types of themes and suitable plugins available for you, and you can create any kind of website.

Definition:- WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) created in PHP and MySQL, used to make websites and blogs.You can use WordPress in two ways –

  1. WordPress.com
  2. WordPress.org

1. WordPress.com

From wordpress.com you can create your own blog like blogger.com, but there is a lot of limitation in wordpress.com. It is considered suitable for personal blogging.

2. WordPress.org

There is no limitation in WordPress.org; you can download files from WordPress.org and install it on an Apache server and create your own blog or website. It gets more power compare to wordpress.com. That’s why I will tell you about it.

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Why Should Use WordPress

To make any website you have to first design that site, after that, you have to develop it from server-side language, by programming in this way you create a website but if you create a website like this It takes a lot of time, and the brain feels too much. But WordPress is a platform where you can build a site in just 2 minutes. You can go to the theme option and take any kind of website design, and with the help of plugin, you can add any kind of function to that theme.

What is WordPress theme

In WordPress, Website design or blog is called theme. If you want to make a website in WordPress, you do not need to create a website its already available as theme. And if you want, you can customize it accordingly.

What is WordPress Plugin

The plugin is a backbone of the wordpress website. With the help of plugin, you can create lots of functionality on your site. Like if you install Yoast SEO plugin you can boost your website traffic. And if you install w3 total cache you can increase your website loading speed.

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What types of sites can be created from WordPress

  1. Blog
  2. Company Website
  3. School/College Website
  4. E-commerce Website

History of WordPress

WordPress was launched by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little for the purpose of blogging on May 27, 2003. And in October 2009 WordPress was Declare as Open Source. WordPress just made for blogging, but later the ecommerce website also started with WordPress.

Advantage of WordPress

  1. WordPress is an open source platform that anyone can use it in free.
  2. Those who do not know programming, they can also create their own website on WordPress.
  3. It is very easy to do SEO and it is also the best, and that helps you increase the traffic of your website.

Disadvantage of WordPress

There is no disadvantage to using WordPress if you are using WordPress for blogging, you will get 200% advantage, but if you want to create an ecommerce site, then it will be better to make it by programming yourself.

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