TRAI Directs RCom to Refund Unspent Balance of Customers

It is well known to us that the Reliance company(RCom- Reliance Communication) has closed in 2017. But if you used Reliance’s SIM, then there is good news for you now RCom Refund Unspent Balance of customers.

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If your left balance in Reliance’s SIM, then RCom is going to return your remaining balance between February 15 and March 31.

TRAI (Indian Telecommunication Regulatory Authority) has ordered RCom to return all the money to the customers, whether it is a postpaid customer or a prepaid customer.

Who will get Refund Unspent Balance from RCom

  1. Those who had balance in their SIM but their SIM Closed. And they did not even have a port to another service provider.
  2. Such a recharge or service (such as – caller tune) whose money has been cut, but has not used the service.
  3. Such postpaid customers whose deposited security money or have paid advance bills.
  4. Those people who had balance in their SIM but they have ported to another service provider. But I do not think the company will return the money to the ‘port’ customer.

How to get Refund Unspent Balance from RCom

Those whose sim linked to the Aadhar will have balance in their account, but those who did not have a link from the Aadhar would have to give their bank details and id proof to a company so that the money can be returned to the customer.

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