How To Make Money Online from Home Without Investment

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There are millions of ways to make money online on the Internet. But I will tell you some legal ways that you will be able to earn online. The following are the five legal methods given that you can make money online, you can also create full-time careers in it. If you want, you can start it free or start with little investment.

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According to me, there are five ways to earn money sitting at home :

  1. Blogging
  2. Youtube
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Freelancing
  5. Android App

Note: If you do blogging or you create a video on youtube, then you will be able to make money quickly with Affiliate Marketing and freelancing.

1. Blogging :

Blogging is the only way in which you can make full-time careers because people are earning up to Rs 50 lakhs a month. There is no need to do more work in this. You have to write about the topic or subject that you know. That is, you have to write about what you know as sports or medical or technology, etc..

For blogging, you have to create a website and write an article on that site, after this, you will become a blogger. But it takes some time to achieve success; It takes two years. Anyone who has worked for two years has succeeded. If you want to create a blog, then you will not need any programming knowledge.

Just have to follow some steps given below.

Step 1:- You have to select a suitable topic

To achieve success in blogging, you have to select a suitable topic first. like – tech, cooking, funny etc.

Step 2:- You have to select the blogging platform

After selecting the topic, you have to choose the blogging platform, which means that where will you create your blog website? Although blogging platforms are very much, 2 blogging platforms are the most popular.

  1. WordPress

Step 3:- Now you have to SEO your blog website

After creating the blog, it must be SEO.  Seo means search engine optimization. You must submit your blog to the search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

2. Youtube:

If you want to be an actor or want to become a singer or want a comedy or you want to teach someone by becoming a teacher, then you can record the video and upload it to YouTube. You can earn money from it.

On YouTube, you have to upload a video, and after that, the view of your video will increase, and you will start earning money. I do not consider Youtube as a money-making machine, but on Youtube, you can get success in less time.

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3. Affiliate Marketing:

If you want to review a product through your website or YouTube, affiliate marketing is the best option for you. You can review any type of product like – electronic, mobile, computer, laptop, cloth, shoe, hosting deal, domain discount deal, hotel deal, etc.

4. Freelancing :

You need any online skill to do freelancing, that means you should be able to accomplish online such as creating a website, creating an Android app, logo designing, photography, writing content, etc.

There are many websites for freelancing like upwork, fiverr and peopleperhour, these three are very good websites.

5. Android App :

You just have to make a great informative Android app once and upload it to play store. Android app is the best way to making money online In this field, competition is even less, and money is more.

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My name is VISHAL, and I am a blogger. I write about blogging, social media marketing, WordPress, SEO, technology, freelancing and web development and my specialization is in WordPress, PHP, and SEO.

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