How to order Paytm physical debit card or ATM card

Tomorrow we were using Paytm as a wallet. But today Paytm has become a payment bank, where you will get interest like other private or public banks, you can deposit money in it, and with its virtual debit card, you can shop online. And if you need cash, then you can withdraw cash from any atm. So, with this post, we will know how to order Paytm physical debit card or ATM card.

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What is Paytm physical debit card

When the Paytm payment bank was started, you could only shop online with its vertical debit card but today you can get a physical debit card, and by using a Paytm debit card you can shop offline and online. And at your nearest atm, you can withdraw money.

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How many charges of Paytm physical debit card

You will have to pay 120 rupees for the debit card. After this, you will have to pay 100 rupees per year subscription charge. If your debit card lost somewhere or if you want to replace your card you have to pay Rs. 100 + delivery charges. Apart from this, other transactions charge also given which are the following:-

1. Metro Locations (Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Hyderabad)-

You can do three free transactions in the metro location, after which you will have to pay Rs. 20 / txn and Mini statement, Balance check, Rs. 5 / txn *.

2. Non-metro Locations –

You can do five free transactions in non-metro location, after which you will get Rs. 20 / txn and Mini statement, Balance check, Rs. 5 / txn *.

How to order Paytm physical debit card

To request PayTM debit card / ATM card you have to follow the following eight steps; then you will get the debit card within seven days.

Step 1 – First you can update your Paytm app from PlayStore or if your mobile does not have a Paytm app installed then install it.

Step 2 – Open the Paytm app. And after opening, click on the bank option.


Step 3 – Now click on your debit card.

Step 4 – Now click on Request Card.

Step 5 – Check your address now whether it is correct or not, or add new address and click on Proceed to pay Rs 120.

Step 6 – Now you have to pay 120 rupees. You can pay with Paytm wallet, Paytm payment bank or UPI or debit card.


Step 7 – Now your debit card will reach your home within seven days. You have to wait seven days.

Step 8 – After the debit card arrives, you have to activate your debit card.

To activate, go to Bank option then click on the “Debit & ATM Card” option after that click on the “Activate ATM Card” option then scan QR code of Debit Card, after scanning the QR Code, the Paytm Pass Code is to be entered and details are to be verified.


Now your debit card activated you can set your ATM PIN if you want.

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So we all know how to order a debit card of Paytm and how to activate it. If you have any questions, then please comment below and share this article with your friends. Then your friends also learn how to order Paytm physical debit

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