How to monetize YouTube videos after 10K lifetime channel views


YouTube is a Trusted Source of Making Money Online. People are earning millions of dollars (per month or per year).If you want to make million dollars from YouTube, just create a YouTube channel and gain 10k channel views, after 10k channel views monetize your YouTube video. So, even if you want to know how to monetize YouTube videos after 10K lifetime channel views, I will give you all the information in this article, after reading it you will know how to monetize YouTube videos after 10K lifetime channel views and you will know the rules of YouTube too well.



How to make money from youtube

Just create a YouTube channel and gain 10k channel views. After the 10,000-lifetime channel view, You must enable the monetization of your YouTube channel, and connect your AdSense account to your YouTube channel, after this, the YouTube team will verify your channel within seven days. After verification, your channel will be monetized, and after that, you can earn money from YouTube.

What is YouTube monetization

YouTube monetization directly means that after enabling it, the ad will appear on your videos. If someone clicks on that ad, you will get money from YouTube.

How much money can you earn from YouTube video

Your earning entirely depends on the ad. If show expensive ads on your YouTube video, you will get more money, and if show cheap ads on your YouTube video, you will get less money. So it is clear that your earning depends on the value of the advertisement. This complete process is done automatically by the algorithm of YouTube and AdSense. You can’t predict earning of your YouTube channel, but you do not need to panic. YouTube gives you 55% of all earnings.That is, if YouTube makes $100 then you earn $55 from youtube That mins, if YouTube earns $100 rupees, then you get $55 and the remaining $45 youtube itself. Overall your earnings will be excellent from youtube. It will take a little time; many youtuber are earning millions of dollars.

What you need to do to monetize a YouTube video

After 10000 views, Youtube turns on the monetization of that channel after manually checking the new channel. So when you put your video, in the beginning, take care of the YouTube guides. So do not make any mistake in the beginning and initially make a full quality video. And be very careful about the three things are given below, you will get approval from YouTube.
  1. The whole content used in that video should be your own i.e. should not be of any other YouTube creators. And the images used in it must also be yours You do not use Google Image for youtube video because it is copyright. In place of Google Image, you can use Pixabay image. If you want to use other creator youtube video, you can use under fair use policy If your video is 10 minutes long, then you can use 10 to 20 seconds of other YouTube creator video, but you have to give them credits in the video description. For more information, you can visit YouTube’s Copyright Center.
  2. You can’t make Nudity or sexual content or sexually suggestive content, harmful, dangerous, Spam, misleading metadata, and scams videos like virus or software crack videos on youtube. For more information about this, you can visit Community Guidelines page.
  3. Keep in mind that when your channel’s lifetime time is more than 10000, then you can apply for monetization because YouTube puts your channel in Spam.

How to monetize YouTube videos

Now you must be thinking that we have 10,000 views then how to monetize youtube videos. So let me tell you you can enable the monetization of your youtube videos by following the steps given below.

Step 1 : Go to ‘Creator Studio’

First you login to YouTube via Gmail account. After login, click on profile icon. After clicking on the profile icon you have to click on ‘Creator Studio’,  As shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2 : Click on ‘CHANNEL’ tab

After clicking in ‘Creator Studio’ you move to the YouTube Dashboard. After going to the YouTube dashboard, click on the ‘CHANNEL’ tab. As shown in the screenshot below.

Step 3 : Go to ‘Status and Features’ and click ‘choose your country location’

After clicking ‘CHANNEL’ button you automatically go to ‘Status and feature’. After going to ‘Status and feature’ click on ‘Choose your country location’.

Step 4 : Choose your cuntry location and click SAVE button

After clicking on ‘Choose Your Country Location’, you have to select your country location and then click on the Save button.

Step 5 : Click ‘Enable’ on Monetization section

After selecting country location, you have to go to status and feature and enable monetization. You can see the instructions in the screenshot below.

Step 6 : Click ‘START’ for accepting youtube trams

Now you have to click on the ‘Start’ button to accept YouTube trams. As you have been given in the screenshot below.

Step 7 : Accept the YouTube terms

After clicking on the ‘Start’ button, a popup will open, you will have to read YouTube monitization trams well and click on the ‘I accept’ button.

Step 8 : Click ‘START’ for AdSense Sign up

After accepting youtube trams, you will have a start button show in front of you that you have to click for adsense signup.

Step 9 : Click ‘NEXT’ for AdSense Sign up

After clicking on the ‘START’ button, click in the Next button.

Step 10 : Click Sign in for AdSense

After clicking on the Next button, you get redirected to Adsense. Now you have to click the Sign In button.

Note :- Sign in here means that you want to make adsense from current Gmail address. And CREATE account means creating a new gmail address and creating an AdSense account with that new gmail. If you want to create an AdSense account from a new Gmail account, you can click on the Create Account.

Step 11 : Accept association for AdSense

After clicking on the Sign In button, AdSense automatically detects your youtube channel, now you have to click on Accept association.

Step 12 : Give full information for adsense Sign up

After clicking in the Accept Association, you must give your information to AdSense such as your name, address, mobile number etc.

Step 13 : Click START Button for monetization ad preferences setup

After linking Adsense account to YouTube channel, you will have to set the monetization preferences, which means the type of ad will appear on your video. Click on the START button to set it


Step 14 : Now set monetization ad preferences

After clicking on the START button, a window will open, after setting the monetization ad preferences, click the save button. And apart from this you can also edit the video while uploading.

Display Ads – The display ad is default by YouTube, you can not turn it off or turn on. This video is displayed right side of the video.

Overplay Ads – Overlay ads only show up on desktop devices This add video shows after a few seconds after the video starts. Its size can be 468 × 60 ya 728 × 90.

Sponsored cards – This is a product related ad. It’s show in the form of an annotation. It comes in the right side of the video.

Skippable video ads – This ad comes in full size video, it is a video ad that the user can skip after 5 seconds, it also comes with a non-skipblade add.

Step 15 : Now your Channel is in Under Review

Now your channel is in under review, it will take 7 days, after which your YouTube channel will be monetized.

Step 15 : Congrats Your Channel is Monetized

After monetizing your channel will look like the screen shot given below.

What if the YouTube channel does not monetize for any reason

If for some reason your YouTube channel is not monetized then you do not need to panic. you make good videos and re-submit them for review.

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