Debit card protection tips from hackers online and offline


People of the whole world are using debit cards in Current time. Almost all banks are giving debit cards to their customers. The biggest benefit of the debit card is that your money is saved in a digital form, From which you get rid of the problem of keeping cash, But sometimes we are cheated too hackers hack our debit card and steal our money wrongly. So, through this blog post, I’m going to tell you the Debit Card protection tips from hackers online and offline

Your debit card can be hacked in two ways, the first is offline, and the other way is online, There is less risk of hacking in offline, but there is a greater threat in online. So let us know the Debit Card protection tips from hackers online and offline

Offline debit card protection tips

1. Do not share your debit card information or any personal information

If you ask your bank’s details by calling or emailing or SMS, do not share with it Whether it is the bank officer. These people ask you for your bank account number, customer id, debit card number, EXP date, and CVV number and then use it to make a duplicate card and steal your money.

2. Do not give your debit card to anyone

If you do not want to withdraw money from ATMs or do not get money from ATM, Or do a transaction in the POS machine, then an unknown person should not give up your debit card for the withdraw money or POS transaction. Because he may give you duplicate debit card and keep the original debit card yourself.

3. After the transactions in ATM or POS, press the Cancel button

After the transactions in ATM or POS, press the Cancel button, because Hackers can hack auto cancel So that your money can be stolen. So you press the Cancel button after transaction in ATM or POS

Online debit card protection tips

1. Use a credit card more than a debit card

Use as much credit card as possible and reduce debit card usage Because the credit card is not linked to your bank account, While the debit card is linked to your bank account, So if a hacker.. hacks your debit card, then he can reach your bank account.

One more thing

The bank keeps the money in the credit card, so if the credit card is hacked, the bank helps 100% to recover your money. While your money stays in the debit card, so if the debit card is hacked, the bank helps little to recover your money.

Conclusion :-

Either you use a credit card Or use the debit card of a bank account with less money. or use Paypal or Paytm.

2. Use debit cards/Credit Card in HTTPS websites

You always pay money or shopping in the https website. Because the https website encrypts or deletes your banking information or all personal information, that means your information does not reach the hacker, If you transact on the https website.

3. Disable automatic transaction

Do not save your debit or credit card information for the automatic transaction on any website. Because your debit or credit card can be hacked anytime Or the risk of becoming a duplicate debit card or credit card.

4. Keep Strong Password

Keep changing your debit card password from time to time. And never write a password to your debit card.And along with keep net banking password secure, Do not enter your name or mobile number in the password Rather you make your passwords complicated like – IVmTjo059 & hT @ 14n.

Use the codeword in your password so that you can easily remember and your password is also complicated

5. Keep watching your Bank statements & Set up account alerts :-

You can always see the statement of your account Or keep an SMS alert on transaction in your mobile number, So that in order to get information on wrong transactions.

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