How to Check PAN Card Validity Status (Active/Deactivated)

Some time ago, the government had said that all the citizens who have PAN card, all people should connect their PAN card with Aadhar number. This was said because the fake PAN card can be identified after adding Aadhar number, because many people had many fake pan cards with the same name and used to steal taxes using fake PAN cards. More recently, the government has deactivated more than 11.44 lakh PAN cards. If you also had a fake PAN card or had more than one PAN card or if you want to know how to check PAN card validity status (Active/Deactivated), in this post I will tell you how to check PAN card validity status active or not.

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You must follow five steps to check your PAN card’s validity status.

Step 1: Search Google by typing KNOW YOUR PAN.

Firstly, you can search by typing KNOW YOUR PAN on google or visit Know Your PAN – Income Tax.

Step 2: Fill your full details here.

  1. Surname Ex.- Gupta
  2. Middle Name Ex.- KUMAR
  3. First Name Ex.- Vishal
  4. Status (Individual)
  5. Gender Male/Female
  6. Date of Birth DD/MM/YYYY
  7. Enter your registered mobile number.

Check PAN Card Validity Status

Step 3: Check that OTP will come in your mobile.

Once you submit your detail, then OTP will come in your mobile.

Step 4: Now enter your OTP.

 Now enter your OTP here and submit it.

Step 5: Here you will find the status of your PAN card.

Here you can find the status of your PAN card, active or deactivated.

Check PAN Card Validity Status

I sincerely hope that you have understood this information and if you do not understand it, then comment below.

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